5 Ways to Optimize Your Audit Efforts for More Strategic Focus

Nicholas Morton
Nicholas Morton American Electric Power
Aaron Wright
Aaron Wright AuditBoard

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Nicholas Morton has 12 years of experience managing and leading audits, being audited, and enabling successful audits in regulatory settings. With a unique blend of cyber security skills, IT stakeholder experiences, and various domestic and international audit engagements, Nicholas strives to enable organizations to identify the breakdown of controls and execute mitigation to increase both operational efficiency and compliance posture. Moving beyond just what is included with assessments of General IT Controls (GITC’s), Nicholas has a track record of breaking out of traditional auditing and assisting organizations with audits catered to their needs such as IT product based, narrow risk based, and social engineering. Nicholas’ current focus is managing internal investigations surrounding compliance with NERC standards and performing mitigation around those events within the utilities industry.

Aaron Wright is the Director of Audit Solutions at AuditBoard, where he works to help audit teams identify and implement purpose-built audit management solutions. Prior to joining AuditBoard, Aaron was an Internal Audit Advisor at Cardinal Health, where he managed a risk-based audit plan and led internal audit projects focused on infrastructure, cybersecurity, and application controls. Additionally, Aaron led the audit technology group where he administered multiple audit software solutions. Prior to becoming an auditor, Aaron was an IT consultant specializing in systems and network administration. Aaron has worked with hundreds of AuditBoard clients as they continue their internal audit digital evolution.


As auditors are increasingly asked to do more with less, it’s time we re-evaluate some of the habits we’ve engaged in for years. It’s time to build a new tradition going into this decade: Focusing on tasks driven by value rather than bureaucracy, strategy over red tape. This webinar will uncover five high-impact tactics to help teams optimize their efforts and add value to their organizations.

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