Agile Auditing: Principles That All Audit Teams Can Apply

Danny Goldberg
Danny Goldberg GoldSRC

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Danny Goldberg is the Founder of GoldSRD (, a leading provider of Staff Augmentation, Executive Recruiting and Professional Development services. Danny is a well-known speaker on internal auditing and People-Centric Skills, co-authoring People-Centric Skills: Communication and Interpersonal Skills for Internal Auditors, via Wiley Publications. People- Centric Skills, 2 nd Edition, the follow-up to this critically acclaimed book, is currently available via Amazon and through GoldSRD at a discounted rate and has sold over 3,000 copies. Danny has over 24 years of professional experience, including five years leading/building internal audit functions. Danny was named as one of the Fort Worth Business Press 40 Under 40 for 2014.


The audit profession can be slow to embrace change — for a function that focuses on operational auditing (efficiency, economy, effectiveness), many audit teams do not have these E’s optimized. As a result, forward-looking audit programs have incorporated an agile approach to internal audit in order to minimize costs, reduce time to delivery, and encourage closer relationships with internal and external stakeholders. This session will take attendees through the principles of agile auditing and how to apply them regardless of an audit team’s methodology, maturity, or company culture.

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