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Agile Auditing - Starting the Journey to Optimization

Agile Auditing - Starting the Journey to Optimization

Webinar Speakers

Aaron Wright
Aaron Wright Director of Audit Solutions AuditBoard
Karl Sousa
Karl Sousa Director of Corporate Audit PMI
Thomas Vervenne
Thomas Vervenne Sr. Audit Manager CoE PMI


Agile auditing aims to minimize costs, reduce time to delivery, and encourage closer relationships with audit stakeholders. When implemented correctly, an effective agile approach enables audit functions to pivot quickly to address emerging risks head-on, more seamlessly reprioritize audits and projects based on importance, and deliver high-impact reports with less overhead. Yet common misconceptions about agile auditing — that it is a shortcut to auditing more quickly and that it skips steps in the audit process — may deter audit teams from adopting this valuable approach. In this webinar, AuditBoard's Aaron Wright and Philip Morris International (PMI)'s Karl Sousa and Thomas Vervenne discuss the benefits of implementing an agile framework, address common misconceptions, outline steps to get started with agile based on the PMI team’s experience, and consider how audit management technology can facilitate an agile approach.

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