Agile Auditing - Starting the Journey to Optimization

Aaron Wright
Aaron Wright AuditBoard
Karl Sousa
Karl Sousa PMI
Thomas Vervenne
Thomas Vervenne PMI

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Aaron Wright is the Director of Audit Solutions at AuditBoard, where he works to help audit teams identify and implement purpose-built audit management solutions. Prior to joining AuditBoard, Aaron was an Internal Audit Advisor at Cardinal Health, where he managed a risk-based audit plan and led internal audit projects focused on infrastructure, cybersecurity, and application controls. Additionally, Aaron led the audit technology group where he administered multiple audit software solutions. Prior to becoming an auditor, Aaron was an IT consultant specializing in systems and network administration. Aaron has worked with hundreds of AuditBoard clients as they continue their internal audit digital evolution.

Karl Sousa is the Director of Corporate Audit at Philip Morris International, where he leads global market assurance and the department’s overall organizational strategies. He is PAL-1 and PSM-1 certified, and focuses on building consumer-centric, data-driven, and project-based agile organizations powered by technology. He has over 20 years of professional experience with diverse functions and different countries, and previously served as Head of Finance for all organizations of Philip Morris International in Brazil and the UK. Karl has also been an active contributor to think-tank sessions with both EY and McKinsey in Brazil, where he led business transformation workshops and trainings.

Thomas Vervenne is a Senior Audit Manager at Philip Morris International (PMI) where he leads the Center of Expertise supporting Corporate Audit’s strategy to drive value, deliver customer excellence, and support smart-risk taking. Thomas is responsible for the digital audit transformation journey focusing on data-driven auditing, advanced data analytics, process mining, capability building, audit technology stack, quality assurance, and improvement program. Prior to PMI, Thomas worked 11 years at Big 4 in Europe and USA. Thomas is certified in Professional Agile Leadership as well as CISA, CISM, CRISC, CDPSE, CSX, CISSP, and PMP.


Agile auditing aims to minimize costs, reduce time to delivery, and encourage closer relationships with audit stakeholders. When implemented correctly, an effective agile approach enables audit functions to pivot quickly to address emerging risks head-on, more seamlessly reprioritize audits and projects based on importance, and deliver high-impact reports with less overhead. Yet common misconceptions about agile auditing — that it is a shortcut to auditing more quickly and that it skips steps in the audit process — may deter audit teams from adopting this valuable approach. In this webinar, AuditBoard’s Aaron Wright and Philip Morris International (PMI)’s Karl Sousa and Thomas Vervenne discuss the benefits of implementing an agile framework, address common misconceptions, outline steps to get started with agile based on the PMI team’s experience, and consider how audit management technology can facilitate an agile approach.

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