Agile Internal Auditing: A Journey to Customer-Centered, Value-Driven, and Responsive Auditing

Aaron Wright
Aaron Wright AuditBoard

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Aaron Wright is the Director of Audit Solutions at AuditBoard, where he works to help audit teams identify and implement purpose-built audit management solutions. Prior to joining AuditBoard, Aaron was an Internal Audit Advisor at Cardinal Health, where he managed a risk-based audit plan and led internal audit projects focused on infrastructure, cybersecurity, and application controls. Additionally, Aaron led the audit technology group where he administered multiple audit software solutions. Prior to becoming an auditor, Aaron was an IT consultant specializing in systems and network administration. Aaron has worked with hundreds of AuditBoard clients as they continue their internal audit digital evolution.


The internal audit profession is recognizing the need to do better in working with its customers and in performing its services. Teams are achieving success by adopting an iterative and flexible approach to prioritize work and keep pace with continual changes. This session will discuss the benefits of adopting an agile framework, showcase common challenges to success, and provide practical implementation guidance.

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