Audit Considerations for Cloud Environments

Jason Sechrist
Jason Sechrist AuditBoard

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Jason Sechrist is the Director of Compliance Solutions at AuditBoard where he works with various compliance teams to help automate the administrative tasks of audit, risk and compliance activities. He was previously the Global Head of Internal Audit at Rackspace Managed Cloud Company where his responsibilities included developing and executing on a risk-based audit plan for the company’s global footprint of data centers and office locations across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Jason started his auditing career with PwC in Silicon Valley, working primarily with software and cloud service providers where he advised CTOs, CISOs, compliance managers, and system engineers. Prior to becoming an auditor, he led user testing and development for global aviation weather visualization software as a service while serving on active duty for the United States Air Force. Jason remains active in the industry, volunteering as Audit Committee Chair for the University of Texas San Antonio, and regularly speaks on topics relevant to technology risks at national and International IIA and ISACA events.


Cloud‐based solutions are increasing in popularity and are being embraced by organizations of all sizes. Auditors must understand the key concepts and risks inherent to this technology. This session provides information to help auditors understand the technology and provide the basis for analyzing and assessing risks.

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