Breaking Down Silos: 3 Steps to Build a Resilient IT Risk Program

John A. Wheeler
John A. Wheeler AuditBoard

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John A. Wheeler is the Senior Advisor, Risk and Technology for AuditBoard, and the founder and CEO of Wheelhouse Advisors, a global risk management strategy and technology advisory firm. Mr. Wheeler is a recognized expert, frequent speaker, and author on the effective use of risk management practices and technology in large and midsize businesses. His major areas of specialty include enterprise/operational risk management, integrated risk management (IRM) technology, executive leadership, and corporate governance. He has 30+ years of professional experience in a variety of roles spanning executive management, finance, risk management, audit, and IT.


The operational agility and business resilience necessary to maintain sustainable growth require building a connected IT risk program that integrates GRC and business teams. However, many organizations lack the executive buy-in, shared data platform, and collaboration tools necessary to make this vision a reality.

Whether you’re a C-suite executive or a risk leader, this session will offer valuable insights and practical tips for building a more resilient and effective risk program at your organization.

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