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Building Operational Resiliency in 2020 & Beyond

Building Operational Resiliency in 2020 & Beyond

Webinar Speakers

Molly Mullinger
Molly Mullinger Product Solutions Manager AuditBoard
Aaron Wright
Aaron Wright Director of Audit Solutions AuditBoard


In order to build operational resilience in the New Normal, audit, risk, and compliance teams must help define and support business continuity efforts, and enable their teams to continue meeting audit plan and compliance deadlines — without the historical structure of in-person execution. To ensure that organizations deal effectively with crisis-related challenges and continue meeting their objectives, leadership must be proactive in continuing to reassess business priorities. But, before knowing how to react, you’ll need to understand how you are impacted. Learn how to tackle next steps in the coming months, including how to assess priorities, address new challenges to completing necessary annual procedures, and build the agility to execute necessary adjustments.

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