Building Towards a Mature Policy Management Program

Molly Mullinger
Molly Mullinger AuditBoard
Elliott Bostelman
Elliott Bostelman AuditBoard

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Molly Mullinger, CPA, is a Manager of Solutions Advisory at AuditBoard. Molly joined AuditBoard from EY, where she provided consulting services over regulatory compliance, including SOX compliance, technical accounting matters, and software implementations. Molly assisted organizations in designing control environments and performing strategic analysis over acquisition and divestiture activities to comprehensively identify risks facing organizations in times of turbulence. She is known for her technical accounting expertise and her ability to apply that knowledge to institutions in developing industries.


Implementing a proactive policy management approach is key to attaining and maintaining compliance. However, many organizations have not yet put in place the processes and procedures that can provide the framework for a successful and maturing policy management program. This session will explore the importance of policy management for compliance and uncover tips and tools to help teams build towards a mature policy management program in their own organization.

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