Cultural Transformation: How Mindset Paves the Way to ICFR Maturity

Eyad Mubaied
Eyad Mubaied L3Harris

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Eyad Mubaied leads the Internal Controls over Financial Reporting Risk Management Department at L3Harris. He previously led various teams including consolidation, external reporting, segment accounting, corporate accounting and various projects, such as Lease Accounting implementation. Prior to L3Harris, Mubaied was an Audit Senior Manager at KPMG where he led a variety of audit engagements including consumer industrial, life insurance, and aerospace and defense.


How mature is your organization’s Internal Controls over the Financial Reporting (ICFR) process? ICFR maturity involves more than the number of controls, the lack of deficiencies, and the lack of material weakness. Having the right mindset is also a key to achieving ICFR maturity, which ultimately results in ICFR supporting the company’s broader corporate values and strategies. During this session, Eyad Mubaied of L3Harris will break down best practices for maturing your ICFR process, starting with the development of an internal mindset that fosters cultural transformation.

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