Cybersecurity Disclosures: What's Coming in 2023

John A. Wheeler
John A. Wheeler AuditBoard

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John A. Wheeler is the Senior Advisor, Risk and Technology for AuditBoard, and the founder and CEO of Wheelhouse Advisors, a global risk management strategy and technology advisory firm. Mr. Wheeler is a recognized expert, frequent speaker, and author on the effective use of risk management practices and technology in large and midsize businesses. His major areas of specialty include enterprise/operational risk management, integrated risk management (IRM) technology, executive leadership, and corporate governance. He has 30+ years of professional experience in a variety of roles spanning executive management, finance, risk management, audit, and IT.


Cyber breaches and resulting costs reached all-time highs in 2022, with an over 42% global increase in attacks. Organizations want to better prepare for and defend against cyber attacks, but they’re not getting the information they need to do it. Despite the lack of a federal mandate for open disclosure of data breaches and other cyber attacks, the U.S. government is working on solutions. The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Cyber Safety Review Board (CSRB), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and Senate are each working to establish guidance and disclosure protocols for preventing and responding to cybersecurity incidents. The Senate’s proposed Securing Open-Source Software Act of 2022 (SOSSA) is a step in the right direction, but the legislation doesn’t go far enough. In this session, John Wheeler offers context, breaks down the legislation and its limitations, and shares insights on what’s coming in 2023.

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