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Designing Dashboards that Delight

Designing Dashboards that Delight

Webinar Speakers

Jason Franzen
Jason Franzen Director of Operations & Development, Internal Audit Services Assurant


Do you know what makes an effective dashboard or management report? Would you like to maximize or customize the reporting options available in AuditBoard? During this session, we will look briefly at some of the psychology behind effective reports and dashboards, and we'll discuss the questions you should be asking before you design a report that delights. We will then review some strategies for combining the various reporting solutions available in AuditBoard to create a comprehensive and flexible management reporting solution using Excel or other visual reporting tools, such as PowerBI, Tableau, etc. We will then explore general best practices for building dashboards. Finally, we will talk about how to best engage AuditBoard (or other report designers) for a successful experience when hiring consultants to build your custom dashboards and reports.

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