Digital Transformation and Tech Resilience: Impact and Solutions for Internal Audit

Adam Pajakowski
Adam Pajakowski Crowe LLP
Ryan McNally
Ryan McNally Crowe LLP

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Adam Pajakowski is a Senior Manager in Crowe’s Life Sciences Consulting practice, leading the Life Sciences IPO Readiness solution, as well as the firm’s efforts in their AuditBoard partnership, focused on implementation services. Adam’s experience includes projects within internal audit, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), enterprise risk management, compliance, and third-party/supply chain reviews.

With 12 years of internal audit experience in organizations from Fortune 500 companies to the top three academic health centers, Adam has developed deep expertise in identifying risk and creating new audit programs for complex processes across numerous industries. Prior to Crowe, Adam worked in external audit for KPMG, LLP and in the Internal Audit department for the Cleveland Clinic and CVS Health.

Ryan McNally is a Senior Manager in Crowe’s Life Sciences Consulting practice and is responsible for overseeing projects related to internal control optimization, internal audit, and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance. In this role, Ryan has assisted clients in developing and enhancing their internal control frameworks, both for SOX compliance purposes as well as for overall process improvement. He serves clients ranging from private companies to newly public startups to large, multinational corporations in the Fortune 500, spanning a wide range of industries including life sciences, financial services, and manufacturing and distribution. Ryan has also been responsible for auditing his clients’ most complex areas, such as research and development, revenue recognition, and inventory management.


This webinar will focus on different trends organizations are implementing with regard to their digital footprint and technology. We will explain how these different areas are tied to organizational strategy and then flow downstream to different departments and business processes. Internal Audit and Compliance professionals can play a large role in an organization’s digital transformation as well, and we will examine those types of roles and the support they can provide.

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