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Drive the Combined Assurance Bus — or Get Run Over By It! (Part 1)

Drive the Combined Assurance Bus — or Get Run Over By It! (Part 1)

Webinar Speakers

Mike Gowell
Mike Gowell Audit Industry Consultant
Anand Bhakta
Anand Bhakta Sr. Director of Risk Solutions AuditBoard


This two part webinar dives headfirst into the topic of combined assurance and makes the strong case that Internal Audit departments that are not leading their organization's combined assurance initiatives risk being marginalized. The IIA’s July 2020 update on governance and risk management, the Three Lines Model, squarely emphasizes the need for enhanced collaboration between assurance providers in the Second Line and Internal Audit. This webinar will take a deep dive into the underpinnings of combined assurance to understand the key benefits and common challenges of building a successful combined assurance program. Find out why combined assurance is such a hot topic with boards, senior management, and audit committees. Attendees will learn how an Assurance Map can be a critical communication tool, and how to identify your organization’s current level on the Combined Assurance Maturity Curve.

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