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Chris Colwell
Chris Colwell UiPath
Bryant Richards
Bryant Richards Nichols College
Joe Kim
Joe Kim AuditBoard

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Chris Colwell leads the Customer Success team for UiPath’s Americas Enterprise customers. His team partners with UiPath customers to ensure they leverage proven best practices to establish and scale their automation programs to achieve the desired business outcomes. Prior to joining UiPath back in 2019, Chris was with a $2.6T investment management company for over 13 years and in 2016 launched and scaled a successful automation program across the enterprise. Chris lives in Orange County, CA and holds a BS in Information & Computer Science from UC Irvine as well as an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Bryant Richards is the Director for the Center of Intelligent Process Automation and an Associate Professor of Accounting and Finance at Nichols College. A former chief audit executive and compliance officer, Bryant is now focused on developing educational programs that provide future ready skills for students and help solve industry problems.

Joe Kim has over 16 years of experience in both public and private accounting with specializations in workforce automation and data analytics. Joe has extensive industry experience in leading intelligent automation teams, with a depth of understanding and insight into the changing technology landscape. With experience in both audit and information technology, Joe serves as the product leader for AuditBoard’s audit software product line, and also leads innovation in this space by empowering the next generation of auditors using transformative technology.


The advancement of technology in recent years has provided immense opportunities for the internal audit profession to pursue innovation and transformation activities. Technology has become more accessible with the democratization of tools that were previously available to only a select few. Internal audit is uniquely positioned to benefit by taking advantage of enabling technologies to better deliver their functional work and to support the organization as a strategic business partner. Learn how internal audit can embrace emerging technology and drive innovation and transformation for an organization.

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