Establishing a Privacy Framework and Monitoring With Metrics

Kristen Rohrer
Kristen Rohrer Crowe
Ashton Kheradmand
Ashton Kheradmand Crowe

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Kristen Rohrer privacy professional of the Crowe Privacy and Data Protection team with a background in internal audit, Kristen has led a variety of privacy projects across clients within the life science, manufacturing, technology, and healthcare sectors. She has specialized in assessing privacy programs, building privacy frameworks, and working with companies to be in a place to utilize privacy metrics.

Ashton Kheradmand has led and supported clients across numerous industries in operationalizing their privacy programs through privacy assessments, providing operational support, consulting on compliance-related matters, implementing privacy technology platforms, and assessing internal processes through gap or readiness assessments to identify and mitigate privacy risks.


In recent years, the number of privacy regulations has grown across the globe — and shows no signs of stopping. As companies frequently collect data from many sources (i.e., website visitors, employees, consumers, contractors, and/or patients), there is an ever-increasing need to manage and protect this personal data. For many organizations, managing privacy risk can seem daunting. In this webinar, learn how privacy metrics can help determine where the most impactful privacy risks exist. This will demonstrate ways to simplify the complicated landscape of privacy regulations through a privacy framework. Ultimately, you’ll learn how your company can establish a privacy framework and start monitoring privacy risk with metrics.

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