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Scott Madenburg is a Market Advisor at AuditBoard, supporting organizations, both large and small, transforming their audit, SOX, and risk management through best-in-class technology solutions. Scott has over 20 years of global experience in the areas of audit, risk, and compliance. Beginning his career at Arthur Andersen, Scott transitioned to internal audit with Fox Entertainment & News Corporation and then spent several years at Rovi Corporation, where he helped lead operational and IT audits, SOX compliance, consulted on business process improvements, and participated in multiple ERP implementations and M&A activities. Prior to joining AuditBoard, Scott was the Chief Audit Executive at Mobilitie, where he built the internal audit function from the ground up to a six-person department focusing on agile audits, SOX readiness, risk management, and cyber and IT security compliance.

Joe Kim has over 16 years of experience in both public and private accounting with specializations in workforce automation and data analytics. Joe has extensive industry experience in leading intelligent automation teams, with a depth of understanding and insight into the changing technology landscape. With experience in both audit and information technology, Joe serves as the product leader for AuditBoard’s audit software product line, and also leads innovation in this space by empowering the next generation of auditors using transformative technology.

Brett Luis is a seasoned governance, risk, and compliance leader with over 20 years of professional services and industry experience. Brett joined AuditBoard in April 2020 to lead our Client Advisory Services implementation team. His diverse audit, attestation, internal audit, Sarbanes-Oxley and information technology background provides an ideal perspective in helping our clients optimize the use of our technology and pushing our onboarding team and platform to the next level. He has been on the frontlines supporting public companies in standing up robust Sarbanes-Oxley compliance programs and in the audit trenches leading the IT component of the internal controls and financial statement audits at public registrants since the early 2000’s. Brett is the proud father of four boys, an avid soccer fan, and a highly enthusiastic but sadly subpar guitarist. In his spare time he works on a never-ending list of home improvement projects.


The rapid growth of various automation technologies, tools, and platforms - e.g. robotic process automation (RPA), advanced analytics, low-code/no-code application platforms - has democratized the ability to scale automation initiatives. The adoption of automation by an organization can provide immense benefits and efficiencies to an organization. However, without the proper governance framework in place, automation can also create unintended risks and potential loss to an organization. This session will explore the risks associated with automation and how internal audit can mitigate these risks.

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