Growing Cybersecurity Concerns: Internal Audit's Critical Role

David Petrisky
David Petrisky The Institute of Internal Auditors

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David Petrisky has over 15 years of Internal Audit and Technology Risk Management, plus 9 years of Accounting/Finance roles in wireless telecommunications supporting IT, Supply Chain Management, Corporate Real Estate, and B2B Marketing and Sales Operations. Petrisky has also been teaching Internal Audit in the MPA program at GSU since 2019.


Targeted social engineering attacks, also known as “spear phishing attacks” are increasing in prevalence and sophistication in cybersecurity bad actor strategy communities. Recent incidents have shown that these bad actor social engineers are taking extra time to get to know their victims before launching their payload attacks. In this session, learn how internal audit can upskill their current cyber knowledge and take on a critical role in an organization’s cyber-readiness, as well as assist with post-incident response and recovery.

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