How to Integrate ERM Into Your Business

John A. Wheeler
John A. Wheeler AuditBoard
Pooja Knight
Pooja Knight Arthur J. Gallagher

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John A. Wheeler is the Senior Advisor, Risk and Technology for AuditBoard, and the founder and CEO of Wheelhouse Advisors, a global risk management strategy and technology advisory firm. Mr. Wheeler is a recognized expert, frequent speaker, and author on the effective use of risk management practices and technology in large and midsize businesses. His major areas of specialty include enterprise/operational risk management, integrated risk management (IRM) technology, executive leadership, and corporate governance. He has 30+ years of professional experience in a variety of roles spanning executive management, finance, risk management, audit, and IT.

Pooja Knight is the AVP of Enterprise Risk Management and Climate Change Initiatives for Arthur J. Gallagher. She came to Gallagher with a blend of both industry and public accounting experience and has over 20 years of experience. She has been working at Gallagher for the past five years heading up the Global Enterprise Risk Management function. In addition to managing Enterprise Risk Management, she has been working on sustainability activities at Gallagher for the past two years. Her activities in the sustainability area range from assessing Gallagher’s global carbon footprint to working on creating a more sustainable environment and employee engagement to sitting on Gallagher’s Global ESG Steering Committee.


Whether you are just starting to build an enterprise risk management (ERM) program or you have a mature program in place, integrating ERM into your business on a regular basis can be challenging. Learn how to build ERM into your day-to-day processes using technology.

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