Internal Audit’s Role in Unlocking Culture as a Corporate Catalyst

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Richard Chambers is the CEO of Richard F. Chambers & Associates, a global advisory firm for internal audit professionals, and also serves as Senior Internal Audit Advisor at AuditBoard. Previously, he served for over a decade as the president and CEO of The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), where he led the organization to record global membership and countless milestones. Prior to The IIA, Chambers was national practice leader in Internal Audit Advisory Services at PricewaterhouseCoopers and vice president of The IIA’s Learning Center. Chambers is the author of two award-winning books: Trusted Advisors: Key Attributes of Outstanding Internal Auditors, which was released in early 2017; and Lessons Learned on the Audit Trail, which is currently available in five languages. In March of 2021, he released his latest book, entitled Agents of Change: Internal Auditors in an Era of Disruption.

Cynthia Cooper is a speaker, consultant, and best-selling author of Extraordinary Circumstances. She has a passion for sharing her experiences with students and has donated the profits from her book to promote ethics education. Cynthia was the Vice President and CAE at WorldCom where she continued to serve in that role with MCI for over two years following the WorldCom scandal. Cynthia has served as Chair of the Board of Regents for the ACFE, on the SAG of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, and on the Board for the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy CPT. In 2020, Cynthia was included in 100 Women of the Year, TIME magazine’s list of the most influential women of the last 100 years. She was also named one of TIME’s Persons of the Year and one of twenty-five most influential working mothers in Working Mother magazine. Along with Senator Sarbanes, Representative Oxley, and Sherron Watkins, Cynthia received the Maria & Sidney E. Rolfe Award. She is the first woman to be recognized with the AAA Accounting Exemplar Award, the AICPA Business Hall of Fame and the IIA American Hall of Distinguished Audit Practitioners. Cynthia can be reached on LinkedIn or by email at

Robert Pérez is The IIA’s Senior Manager of Content Development where he helps shape content strategy and thought leadership to support internal audit practitioners globally. Robert oversees development of various thought leadership delivery platforms and over the past year, he has overseen the development and launch of expanded video and audio content for The IIA. Robert previously served as the principal writer for the annual North American Pulse of Internal Audit report, OnRisk guide, and the American Corporate Governance Index. In 2020, he collaborated with former IIA President and CEO Richard Chambers on the book, Agents of Change: Internal Auditors in an Era of Disruption.


For too many years now, we have witnessed untold numbers of self-inflicted failures at organizations around the world. These failures have devastating impacts on employees, investors, customers, suppliers, and communities. One critical common denominator of all these disastrous collapses is a troubled culture that lacks the executive leadership and constructive environment essential to an organization achieving its business goals in a healthy and ethical manner. Based on recent research by Richard Chambers and Cynthia Cooper, this webinar seeks to answer a key question: What role can internal audit leaders play in helping to foster a healthier and more cohesive culture within their organizations?

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