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IT Audit's Perspectives on the Top Technology Risks for 2021

IT Audit

Webinar Speakers

Jason Maslan
Jason Maslan Managing Director Protiviti
Seth Schrank
Seth Schrank Managing Director Protiviti
Anthony Chalker
Anthony Chalker Managing Director Protiviti
Brett Luis
Brett Luis VP of Product AuditBoard


Cybersecurity, privacy, data and resilience dominate the top technology challenges for organizations, according to the ISACA/Protiviti global survey of IT audit leaders and professionals. In September/October 2020, ISACA and Protiviti conducted a global survey of more than 7,400 IT audit and risk professionals to obtain their perspectives on the top technology risks their organizations will face in 2021. They also addressed the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic as well as ongoing digital transformation efforts.

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