Key Tactics for Effectively Managing Third-Party and Vendor Risk

Richard Marcus
Richard Marcus AuditBoard

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Richard Marcus leads the Information Security Team at AuditBoard where he is focused on product, infrastructure, and corporate IT security. He is also responsible for leading the charge on AuditBoard’s own internal compliance initiatives. In this capacity, he has become an AuditBoard product power user, leveraging the platform’s robust feature set to satisfy compliance, risk assessment, and audit use cases.


In today’s increasingly interconnected world, the failure of a link in any chain of vendors has the potential to bring an enterprise’s operations to a standstill, open it up to regulatory action, or damage its hard-won reputation as a secure organization. As we’ve seen in the recent incidents involving Solarwinds and Microsoft Exchange, the potential vulnerability created by vendor operations makes it critical for enterprises to ensure that third parties are compliant with all applicable frameworks and policies. This session will explore how to ensure their compliance and manage the risk inherent in working with vendors.

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