Opportunity Knocks: Turning Digital Risk Into Your Competitive Advantage

John A. Wheeler
John A. Wheeler AuditBoard

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John A. Wheeler is the Senior Advisor, Risk and Technology for AuditBoard, and the founder and CEO of Wheelhouse Advisors, a global risk management strategy and technology advisory firm. Mr. Wheeler is a recognized expert, frequent speaker, and author on the effective use of risk management practices and technology in large and midsize businesses. His major areas of specialty include enterprise/operational risk management, integrated risk management (IRM) technology, executive leadership, and corporate governance. He has 30+ years of professional experience in a variety of roles spanning executive management, finance, risk management, audit, and IT.


The digital transformation of the global economy has accelerated over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, in the process revealing the vulnerabilities inherent in a connected world. How do we discover, visualize, quantify, and report the risks of our new digital products and services? What reportable metrics show we are effectively managing digital risk? Digital risk lies at the intersection of strategic, operational, and technology risk. To be most effective, CISOs and their teams must communicate how technology risk in the form of security threats and vulnerabilities contributes to the digital business success or failure. Too often, CISOs report business relevant items, but not in terms that business leaders can readily understand. During this session attendees will learn about building clearer linkages between technology risk and the desired outcomes that business leaders require.

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