PCAOB Areas of Focus: What Internal Auditors Should Expect from their External Auditors

Summer Taylor
Summer Taylor Deloitte

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Summer Taylor is a California native who has served various clients in retail and consumer products companies since 1998. Summer also serves as the Diversity & Inclusion Council Champion for her local office. Summer provides auditing, financial reporting, accounting, advisory, and consulting services to publicly traded and privately held companies. Summer has served as an advisor on numerous IPOs, public debt offerings, M&A Transactions, and private equity transactions. In addition, she has direct experience assisting clients navigate the complexities in U.S. GAAP, IFRS, and SEC reporting. Summer is an expert in the retail and consumer product industries, where she has worked the entirety of her career. She is a subject matter expert on Sarbanes Oxley & internal controls. In addition, Summer is an award winning CalCPA Education Foundation and AICPA instructor, offering a wide range of programs, workshops, and classes designed to help CPAs achieve the highest level of quality by helping participants understand and apply complex accounting and auditing guidance in a practical and fun way.


In this webinar, we will discuss audit quality trends and its impact on issuers, internal auditors, and external auditors. We’ll take a look at how to assess the impact new PCAOB standards will have on auditors and how internal audit plans may need to change. We will also discuss common deficiencies and how to prevent them.

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