Reimagining the Possibilities of Agile Audit

Melissa Pici
Melissa Pici Syniverse

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Melissa Pici serves as the Sr. IT Audit Manager at Syniverse and has been with the organization for the past 18 years. In her role with the multinational organization, she works with cross-functional teams including Finance, IT, GRC, and Operations aiding them in understanding the criticality of a risk and controls-based foundation and the interconnectedness in everyday operations. Melissa manages and drives the annual SOC/SOX audits and designs and executes risk-based operational audits providing further insight to executive management to use in making more informed decisions for the business. Melissa holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Information Security and Assurance with a focus on Project Management. She is currently working towards a Bachelor’s in Data Science and holds CISA and CDSP certifications as well.


The ability to assess and pivot as new risks are uncovered or emerge is a necessity for today’s internal audit departments. Since traditional audit methodologies stifle this ability, agile auditing has become the de facto response for teams looking to be more nimble. Left unmentioned is that while agile methodology is well known within software development circles, many internal audit practitioners are unsure of where to begin with agile. Are scrum and kanban the best project management approaches? Or can we reimagine the possibilities of what agile means to audit? Join Melissa Pici, Senior IT Audit Manager at Syniverse to explore the possibilities of agile and how teams large and small can easily implement the practice to immediately begin delivering additional value and insights to executives and management.

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