Ron's Gone Wrong! How to Guide Your RPA Program and Manage Compliance With Bots and Cititzen Developers

Morgan Page
Morgan Page Weaver

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Morgan Page leads the Digital Transformation and Automation service at Weaver. With 13 years of business experience, he regularly works with organizations at all stages of their digital transformation journey defining and delivering results that are sustainable, scalable and aligned with the needs of the organization.

He programs in multiple languages and has an in-depth knowledge of accounting and operations, providing unique insights for his clients. He regularly operates as a subject matter advisor on data visualizations, process automations, application implementations, performing technical analyses, and developing data models. With a wide breadth of experience across many different applications and methodologies, he has successfully helped organizations identify and implement the solution best for their operations, whether they have billion-dollar annual revenues or are just starting up.


Like the plot of the popular movie Ron’s Gone Wrong, one bad bot can create a world of havoc for your organization when relying on them for processes and transactions related to Internal Control over Financial Reporting (ICFR). This session will discuss governance frameworks, strategies, and efficient ways of documenting your RPA bot development activities to ensure that your bots keep your operations and compliance program operating efficiently.

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