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Jimmy Pfleger
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Jimmy Pfleger is a Manager of Product Solutions at AuditBoard and has over 11 years of IT Audit, Compliance & Security experience. He started his career at KPMG in the IT Advisory practice where he led external audit and assurance activities for some of the largest companies in the St. Louis area. In addition to managing the IT Internal Audit function at both Caleres and RGA, he also spent time as the Manager of Security Compliance at Express Scripts where he built and managed the SOC2 program. His experience working across the traditional lines of defense within various organizations has given him valuable insight into how companies are truly managing IT risk. Jimmy is also a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and is Kanban Certified (Agile).


Forward-thinking internal audit teams are always looking to innovate how they work with customers and deliver more timely insights. Adopting agile methodologies is an increasingly popular way to deliver more value faster by taking an iterative, flexible approach to prioritize work and stay ahead of rapid changes. Attendees will understand the benefits of adopting an agile framework, how to overcome common challenges to agile success, and get practical implementation guidance for a successful agile rollout.

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