Tackling Fraud in Today’s Dynamic Risk Environment

Liz Sandwith
Liz Sandwith Chartered IIA
Kira Eilfield
Kira Eilfield AuditBoard

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Liz Sandwith is currently the Chief Professional Practices Adviser for the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors. In her role she is responsible for advising and representing the Institute on all matters relating to the professional practice of internal audit. She is also technical advisor to the Institute’s External Quality Assessment (EQA) service, which includes the undertaking the quality assurance process for every EQA report and ensuring that standards are maintained and there is consistency in the application of the Institute’s EQA framework.

Liz has over 33 years’ experience in internal audit and risk management, her background is firmly embedded in internal audit and risk management. She has worked for a number of private and public sector organisations, helping to develop risk management and control awareness and has delivered training to internal auditors in the UK and internationally. Liz is a member of the IIA Global Standards Board so is an influencer regarding changes in the International Professional Practices Framework and the IIA Standards. Liz was awarded the JJ Morris Distinguished Service Award in 2020 which recognises members who, over time, have given unusual and outstanding service to the profession by participating in the Institute.

Kira Eilfield is a Manager of Product Solutions at AuditBoard. Kira joined AuditBoard from Endeavor, where she provided expertise on internal controls aligned with the Sarbanes-Oxley regulatory requirements. She has also worked at RSM’s Risk Assurance function where she specialized in SOX compliance, internal control projects and internal audit engagements. Kira started her career at PwC in the External Audit practice.


Companies around the globe are grappling with a myriad of business-critical risks such as supply chain disruption, staffing shortages, and increasing cyber threats — just to name a few. As the temptations and opportunities for fraud have increased, fraudsters have taken advantage of the situation by using ever more sophisticated tools to commit their crimes. This rising risk makes it imperative that companies and internal audit functions stay vigilant when it comes to defending against fraud.

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