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The Accelerated Evolution of Internal Audit

The Accelerated Evolution of Internal Audit

Webinar Speakers

Heron Schelp
Heron Schelp Chief Audit Executive AGCO Corporation
Harold Silverman
Harold Silverman Managing Director of Professional Practices The Institute of Internal Auditors
Scott Madenburg
Scott Madenburg Market Advisor AuditBoard


The global pandemic has accelerated the evolution of the profession of internal auditing. The necessity for many to work from home in 2020 caused Internal Audit leaders to reimagine how internal audit work could effectively and efficiently be accomplished. The most successful internal audit functions in a post-pandemic environment will leverage the lessons that have been learned to improve their internal audit methodologies. Increased remote auditing, strategic use of audit technologies, and rethinking how to recruit, retain and deploy people will be an ongoing opportunity for internal auditors to bring additional value to their organizations.

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