The CAE Perspective: Importance of Being Flexible and Adaptable During a Crisis

Stacey Schabel
Stacey Schabel Jackson Life
Sarah Saunders
Sarah Saunders Jackson Life

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Stacey Schabel is the VP & CAE for Jackson Holdings, LLC, responsible for examining and evaluating the key processes and controls supporting the North American operations of Prudential plc, a financial services company incorporated in England and Wales. She is a member of the IIA’s Global Financial Services Guidance Committee, and chairs the Lansing IIA’s Chief Audit Executive Engagement Committee.

Sarah is an Assistant Vice President of Internal Audit at Jackson with specialty focus on Finance, Financial Risk, and Asset Management. Sarah has over 15 years of internal audit experience, and is also a District Advisor and member of the chapter relations committee for the North American Institute of Internal Auditors, an IIA facilitator, and an active IIA volunteer at the local chapter level.


How are CAEs shifting their strategies for team management during the pandemic? How are audit plans, techniques, and methodologies being adapted to the enterprise and engagement levels to accommodate the current remote environment? How can your audit department get ahead and nurture great talent — in a crisis and its aftermath? In this webinar, audit leaders from Jackson will share strategies to transform your audit team to develop and retain the best talent, while adding significant value to your organization in times of uncertainty.

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