The Evolution of Cyber Risk Raising Awareness Across the Business

Mary Tarchinski
Mary Tarchinski AuditBoard

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Mary Tarchinski is a Market Advisor at AuditBoard, supporting organizations, both large and small, transforming their security programs, compliance and risk management through best-in-class technology solutions. Mary has 9 years of global experience in the areas of audit, risk, and compliance. Beginning her career at EY, Mary supported fortune 500 companies as part of their external audits and focused on organization’s information technology general controls. Mary transitioned to a risk and compliance focus with A-LIGN in 2017, where she helped build the risk management practice and grow the SOC practice. During her time at A-LIGN, Mary was a Senior Manager that led a group of 20 SOC and HIPAA professionals and oversaw a variety of SOC, HIPAA and ISO compliance audits. Additionally, Mary has consulted on business continuity and disaster recovery processes, and facilitated various risk assessments for companies, both large and small.


The management of cyber risk has changed dramatically. As businesses increasingly go digital, what was once solely the concern of IT security professionals now requires greater awareness and commitment from the entire organization. It is critical that every business protect the sprawling and ever-growing web of interconnected technologies that make up the modern attack surface. Yet for all the industry’s cybersecurity advances and investments, there is a massive disconnect in how businesses understand and manage cyber risk. This session will surface actionable steps that teams can take to boost awareness of cyber risks across the organization, putting it on a path to better management of potentially damaging vulnerabilities.

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