The Promise of Automation: Scaling Key Compliance Processes

Evan Childs
Evan Childs Activision
Clara Howley
Clara Howley The Trade Desk
Mary Krzoska
Mary Krzoska AuditBoard

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Evan Childs is a Senior Security leader with over 10 years of demonstrated experience in the IT industry with a primary focus in information security of leading cybersecurity, governance, risk, compliance, and audit functions. Evan has extensive experience in the growth and establishment of successful programs through the cultivation of relationships and successfully driving strategic initiatives to ensure the delivery of secure solutions.

Having worked in both industry and consulting environments, Evan has a wide range of experience with identifying and assisting organizations with process improvements leveraging industry-recognized frameworks and best practices (e.g., ISO 27001, 27002, 27017/27018, NIST CSF, TISAX, FIPS, FISMA, and FedRamp). She has implemented risk management, privacy, governance, and compliance programs supporting various industry segments.

Clara Howley is on the Technical Compliance team at The Trade Desk. Clara started her career at EY where she supported Fortune 500 companies as part of their external audits and focused on organizations’ information technology general controls. Clara transitioned to risk and compliance later in her career, where she helped organizations build strong risk management practices. She specializes in automating control monitoring and execution across frameworks at The Trade Desk.

Mary Krzoska is a Market Advisor at AuditBoard, supporting organizations, both large and small, transforming their security programs, compliance and risk management through best-in-class technology solutions. Mary has 9 years of global experience in the areas of audit, risk, and compliance. Beginning her career at EY, Mary supported fortune 500 companies as part of their external audits and focused on organization’s information technology general controls. Mary transitioned to a risk and compliance focus with A-LIGN in 2017, where she helped build the risk management practice and grow the SOC practice. During her time at A-LIGN, Mary was a Senior Manager that led a group of 20 SOC and HIPAA professionals and oversaw a variety of SOC, HIPAA and ISO compliance audits. Additionally, Mary has consulted on business continuity and disaster recovery processes, and facilitated various risk assessments for companies, both large and small.


For the modern IT risk and compliance team, manual work is quickly becoming the biggest liability in their organization’s GRC program. As compliance requirements and complexity grows, existing evidence collection and controls testing methods are failing to scale with the needs of the business.

Automation brings the promise of enabling IT risk and compliance teams to escape endless audit cycles and enter a world of proactive risk management. Watch this webinar to hear real-world examples of the successes and pitfalls our speakers have witnessed in their automation journey, and learn how automation can help:

  • Lower the burden of evidence.

  • Improve the accuracy and frequency of controls testing.

  • Lay the groundwork for continuous automation.

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