Transforming with Agile to Combat Financial Services' Heightened Risk Exposure

Scott Madenburg
Scott Madenburg AuditBoard
Mike Rissmiller
Mike Rissmiller AuditBoard

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Scott Madenburg is a Market Advisor at AuditBoard, supporting organizations, both large and small, transforming their audit, SOX, and risk management through best-in-class technology solutions. Scott has over 20 years of global experience in the areas of audit, risk, and compliance. Beginning his career at Arthur Andersen, Scott transitioned to internal audit with Fox Entertainment & News Corporation and then spent several years at Rovi Corporation, where he helped lead operational and IT audits, SOX compliance, consulted on business process improvements, and participated in multiple ERP implementations and M&A activities. Prior to joining AuditBoard, Scott was the Chief Audit Executive at Mobilitie, where he built the internal audit function from the ground up to a six-person department focusing on agile audits, SOX readiness, risk management, and cyber and IT security compliance.

Mike Rissmiller is a Market Advisor, Financial Services at AuditBoard. A former regulator with the Federal Reserve, Mike began his career focusing on bank capital and liquidity reporting. He then transitioned to industry internal audit as an Audit Manager for State Street Corporation, leading many new regulatory response initiatives before joining AuditBoard in 2021.


It is no secret that expanding organizational risk profiles, tighter regulations, and rising stakeholder expectations create a demanding assurance landscape for internal audit organizations in the financial services (FinServ) sector. What is frequently overlooked is how traditional audit processes and methodologies limit real-time visibility into risk, hinder agility needed to address changing risk, and mask business-impacting insights. These insights are crucial to advise and partner with the broader organization, and their absence increases the risk of regulatory noncompliance. Watch this webinar to see how agile auditing provides the flexibility needed to respond and react to the rapid shifts in risk exposure that financial services organizations face.

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