Using a Framework to Guide an IT Security Review

Justin T. Noble
Justin T. Noble Virgina Tech

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Justin T. Noble, who is a Certified Internal Auditor, is the Director of Internal Audit for Virginia Tech. Justin provides management direction in planning all risk-based compliance, information technology, investigative, and advisory reviews. He supervises a team of internal auditors, reviews the evaluation of internal controls and resulting recommendations, and partners proactively with colleagues across the university. Justin completed his Master of Architecture and Master of Business Administration at Texas Tech. After graduating from Tech, Justin started his career with The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and worked for Southwest Airlines prior to returning to his alma mater in 2009. A certified internal auditor, Justin has worked in higher education for more than 10 years, and in internal audit for more than 15 years.


IT security doesn’t have to be scary. You can do many controls-based reviews without deep expertise. In this session, you will come along on a real-life journey of how Virginia Tech’s internal audit team uses several common IT security frameworks to conduct a basic and intermediate-level security controls review of endpoints, servers, and applications. We will focus on the practical and share the pitfalls we’ve learned along the way with the goal of providing as many resources as possible to help ensure your success.

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