Using Advanced Analytics to Move into Continuous Monitoring

Andrew Struthers-Kennedy
Andrew Struthers-Kennedy Protiviti
Kevin Leicht
Kevin Leicht Protiviti
Anya Drake
Anya Drake Protiviti

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Andrew Struthers-Kennedy is the Global Leader for Protiviti’s Internal Audit and Financial Advisory Solution. He works with clients across industries to deliver outsourced and co-sourced internal audit services, as well as technology and risk management consulting services. Andrew also works with organizations to establish delivery of next-generation internal audit and risk management services through the use of analytics, automation, and other emerging tools. He is on the board of his local IIA chapter and is a frequent speaker at IIA and other professional association events.

Kevin is a Managing Director in Protiviti’s IAFA solution. Kevin brings experience in the Financial Services industry with an emphasis on project management, process redesign & implementation, Anti-Money Laundering, ERM, operational risk, and regulatory risk.

Anya Drake is a Director with the Internal Audit Financial Advisory practice and focuses on Audit Analytics solution. She leads the Next Gen Audit Advanced Analytics initiative and develops audit analytics solutions for clients using the emerging technologies. Most recently, Anya built and led the Data Analytics program at a large global professional services company and was the Data Science Competency Lead for a multi-billion dollar global company’s Internal Audit Data Analytics Program. With over 15 years of combined industry and consulting experience in the financial and professional services industry, Anya enjoys working with Internal Audit organizations in designing smart analytics strategy, help implementing the most optimal approach, and execute on continuous and automated analytics methodology.


Continuous monitoring is not a new concept, but historically, organizations have largely failed to realize its full potential because of a lack of collaboration across three-lines of defense, sufficient technology, access to data, or innovative thinking. How do these organizations overcome these roadblocks and start moving towards continuous monitoring? We recommend starting with the proven strategic approach of recalibrating the goals by identifying high impact areas, bridging the implementation gap with next gen advanced analytics and methods, and quantifying and socializing the benefits of continuous monitoring.

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