Utilising Technology to Advance Internal Audit and Stay Relevant in a New Risk Environment

Simran Khangura
Simran Khangura AuditBoard
Hussain Shehryar Humayun
Hussain Shehryar Humayun Lloyds Banking Group

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Simran Khangura is a Product Solutions Manager at AuditBoard, where she works to help audit teams identify and implement purpose-built audit management solutions. Prior to joining AuditBoard, Simran was a Senior Internal Auditor at Vodafone, where she led internal audit projects across various processes including finance, technology, and commercial, using data-driven risk assessments to identify high-risk processes. Additionally, Simran has four years of experience in external audit at PwC, where she audited and substantively tested key, complex, and judgemental areas of financial statements.

Hussain Shehryar Humayun is Audit Director - Applications, Data & Applied Sciences at Lloyds Banking Group (LBG). Over the last few years, Shehryar has been leading the Data Analytics strategy for the Internal Audit function, where he helped build an industry leading Data Analytics capability that involves the use of data science to deliver assurance and value for the organisation. Shehryar’s current remit also includes thematic audit coverage of Data risk across the organisation. Shehryar is a software engineer by qualification, who started his career in IT before moving into audit. Shehryar has primarily been working in financial services across a number of organisations in multiple jurisdictions. In addition to his experience in one of the Big 4, Shehryar has worked for retail, commercial and investment banks, and prior to Lloyds Shehryar was at Deutsche Bank.


Now more than ever, data analytics and new technology will become more prevalent within organizations. Audit will play a strategic role by utilizing these resources to identify new issues and manage emerging risks. This session discusses best practices for effectively integrating data analytics into an audit program, and explore future possibilities for leveraging RPA and AI.

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