Visualize It: Bringing Your Audit Committee Reports to Life with Analytics

Trent Russell
Trent Russell Greenskies Analytics

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Trent Russell is the Founder of Greenskies Analytics. He graduated from the University of Alabama with an MIS degree before joining Ernst & Youngs’ IT Risk Assurance practice where he served multiple industries. He later joined the Financial Service Office at EY and facilitated the development of data analytics procedures. At Greenskies, he embeds analytics programs and hands-free monitoring solutions for forward-thinking internal audit teams. Trent also hosts The Audit Podcast and co-hosts The Audit Room on Clubhouse.


With the rise of reporting dashboards and data visualization tools, it’s easier than ever to tell a business story through charts, graphs, and other illustrations. That holds true for audit committee reports, with audit teams now able to communicate their day-to-day value and key strategic insights through the power of visualization. Internal audit teams that are not taking advantage of data visualization tools run the risk of being seen as tasklist managers rather than the change agents they actually are. In this session, we will discuss how audit teams can leverage analytics to be more strategic, and explore best practices for implementing analytics in audit programs.

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