Why You Need a Holistic Approach to Your GRC Activities

Molly Mullinger
Molly Mullinger AuditBoard

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Molly Mullinger, CPA, is a Manager of Solutions Advisory at AuditBoard. Molly joined AuditBoard from EY, where she provided consulting services over regulatory compliance, including SOX compliance, technical accounting matters, and software implementations. Molly assisted organizations in designing control environments and performing strategic analysis over acquisition and divestiture activities to comprehensively identify risks facing organizations in times of turbulence. She is known for her technical accounting expertise and her ability to apply that knowledge to institutions in developing industries.


Teams managing GRC activities are all working to provide organizations with assurance that things are operating smoothly and being reported on in an accurate and timely manner, while at the same time ensuring that they are effectively addressing the risks and challenges the organization faces. By bringing teams together and collaborating across the different thought processes to identify and address areas that require further attention, organizations can improve their overall audit, risk and compliance posture. This holistic approach can assure that a focus on operations and reporting does not detract teams from their key mission — to protect the organization from value-destroying risks.

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