ESG Controls and Governance: Examining Critical Oversight Needs

Marie Johnson
Marie Johnson EY
Simon Wong
Simon Wong EY

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Marie Johnson is experienced in internal controls, material weakness remediation, internal audit transformation, external audit and SEC reporting. She focuses on client discussions and implementing processes and controls to enhance sustainability reporting to advance ESG reporting and, ultimately, performance against goals and commitments.

Simon Wong is a Management Consulting executive with EY specializing in risk management. His focus areas include financial and non-financial (ESG) reporting processes, internal controls and compliance, and large-scale business transformation. His clients are global organizations in the telecommunications, media & entertainment, and technology sectors.


The phrase “environmental, social, and governance (ESG) controls” refers to the policies, procedures, and systems that companies implement to manage and report on the performance of their ESG programs. These controls help ensure that a company’s ESG data is accurate, complete, and reliable, which is important for investors, regulators, and other internal and external stakeholders. ESG controls can include measures such as risk assessments, data collection and analysis, internal reporting and verification processes, and external assurance.

Leaders of the webinar discuss how to build connections between different teams needed to implement the proper controls, minimize risk, and mature your ESG program.

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