Maturing ESG Program Management

Claire Feeney
Claire Feeney AuditBoard
Arsh Kaur
Arsh Kaur AuditBoard

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Claire Feeney is a Product Marketing Manager at AuditBoard focused on ESG and RiskOversight. Prior to joining AuditBoard, Claire worked in product marketing at OneTrust, VMware, and Infor.

Arsh Kaur is a Principal Product Manager at AuditBoard focused on ESG Product Strategy. Prior to joining AuditBoard, Arsh worked in product management at Procore Technologies.


With 2024 SEC reporting requirements just over the horizon, companies are getting more serious about formalizing their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs. To get a read on how mature these efforts are, AuditBoard has surveyed over 100 companies to benchmark how they are tackling ESG internally. In this webinar, we’ll shine a light on this important new area of enterprise risk and share best practices for building an audit-ready ESG program in preparation for the new SEC requirements.

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