Supply Chain Transparency and Risk Monitoring

Marie Johnson
Marie Johnson EY
A.J. Spalding
A.J. Spalding EY
Jonah Hessels
Jonah Hessels EY
Mihir Patel
Mihir Patel EY

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Marie Johnson is experienced in internal controls, material weakness remediation, internal audit transformation, external audit and SEC reporting. She focuses on client discussions and implementing processes and controls to enhance sustainability reporting to advance ESG reporting and, ultimately, performance against goals and commitments.

A.J. Spalding is a Senior Manager at EY and has 11 years of professional services experience with a primary focus in risk management–specifically third-party risk management (TPRM), operational and supply activities, compliance assessments, and control evaluations. A.J.’s deep understanding of risk management and TPRM spans across various industries in the public and private sectors. A.J. has experience in developing global assessments/audits of third parties in key risk areas including ESG, cyber, reputational and resiliency.

Jonah Hessels is a Manager with EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services team and has been consulting in the sustainability space for eight years. He is a seasoned project manager with experience working in industry and governmental environments across sectors. His work is focused on helping clients pinpoint and prioritize ESG-related risks in their operations, including compliance with the patchwork of ESG-related regulations, initiatives, and reporting frameworks around the world (e.g., CSRD, CSDDD, UFLPA, SBTi, CA SB 253/261).

Mihir Patel is a Manager in EY’s Supply Chain and Operations consulting practice. He specializes in supply chain, sustainability, product management, and engineering with a focus on transformation initiatives such as forced labor assessments, circularity strategies, and sustainable sourcing. Mihir has successfully supported international retail chains in implementing sustainable sourcing strategies, particularly for private-label brands. He has also led the design and implementation of food traceability programs, enhancing supply chain visibility and risk mitigation for major consumer packaged goods companies. Mihir is a trained electronics engineer and has an MBA from the prestigious Kelley School of Business, Indiana University.


Achieving supplier sustainability requires a proactive approach that goes beyond traditional methods. Businesses today need to leverage data and analytics to gain transparency and effectively manage risks in their supply chains, while also complying with regulations and meeting the expectations of consumers and regulators. Learn how to leverage data and technology to automate and streamline the process of supply chain risk management, providing actionable insights for effective decision-making.

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