ESG in 2024: How Companies are Preparing for the Coming Disclosure Requirements

Alex Kotsopoulos
Alex Kotsopoulos RSM Canada LLP
Victor Fuentes
Victor Fuentes RSM US LLP
Judson Aiken
Judson Aiken AuditBoard

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Judson Aiken is a Senior Director of ESG Solutions driving strategic growth across AuditBoard’s Enterprise Risk Management and ESG customer base, with an emphasis on product development. Prior to AuditBoard, Judson was at Ernst & Young in their Risk Advisory practice supporting enterprise risk management, SOX, and internal audit.


Recent disclosure laws, such as California’s SB253, SB261, and AB1305; standards and directives in Europe like the CSRD; and the SEC’s proposed climate disclosure rules pose significant reporting risk should teams fail to adequately prepare. However, by making strategic investments early in your maturity journey, you can turn those challenges into opportunities.

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