Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your ESG Program

Judson Aiken
Judson Aiken AuditBoard
Claire Feeney
Claire Feeney AuditBoard

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Judson Aiken is a Senior Director of ESG Solutions driving strategic growth across AuditBoard’s Enterprise Risk Management and ESG customer base, with an emphasis on product development. Prior to AuditBoard, Judson was at Ernst & Young in their Risk Advisory practice supporting enterprise risk management, SOX, and internal audit.

Claire Feeney is a Product Marketing Manager at AuditBoard focused on ESG and RiskOversight. Prior to joining AuditBoard, Claire worked in product marketing at OneTrust, VMware, and Infor.


Increasing expectations from stakeholders like consumers, investors, and regulatory entities make ESG program management and reporting a critical component of your audit, risk, and compliance programs. While audit, risk, compliance, and sustainability professionals have a pivotal role to play in helping organizations to navigate these challenges, they face obstacles in obtaining accurate, complete, and timely data from stakeholders across the business for whom ESG reporting is a distraction from their day-to-day duties. It also may not be clear how to build advocacy with these stakeholders and the business leaders whose backing they need to ensure programs succeed. Learn how organizations are tackling ESG program management today with tips, best practices, and resources that will help to answer your questions about why activities matter, what their benefits are, how to navigate through key considerations and common pitfalls, and — most importantly — how to roll out an ESG program that can mature with your organization and put you on a path toward long-term value creation.

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